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We work with professional translators, carefully pairing them to jobs in subject matters that match their professional capabilities. Our expert project managers understand and meet the needs of each unique translation project we undertake.  When you hire our translation solution, you can expect:

  • Target language writing focused on the needs of your audience.Document layout mirrors source document layout.

    On time delivery.

What’s your translation need?


We can handle your business reports, research, surveys, catalogs, magazines, manuals, contracts, IEPs, spec sheets, dossiers, market studies, and any other document type into more than 20 languages.


We provide official translations that meet migratory or other legal requirements in the country where they will be used. 


When less talk and greater impact drive your marketing message, trust us to translate, subtitle, voiceover and lip-sync for your videos, television commercials and other audiovisual content.


We translate website content that speaks to the heart and interests of your target audience.


Whether you are organizing a large event or a small business meeting, our interpreting service is designed to meet your spoken language needs. It includes: 

  • Professional interpreters
  • Event coordinator
  • Interpreting equipment
  • Sound techs

Interpreting delivery options:


The interpreter provides the spoken translation in real time with only minimum delay behind the speaker. There is no interruption in presentation, so event timing and schedule do not require extending to allow for message delivery in other languages.


The speaker must allow time for pauses when the interpreter will provide the spoken message in the target language.


Often used to deliver corporate reports, meetings or training to an audience present in multiple locations and cultures.


Participants register and connect to the webinar solution of choice and receive webinar content in their language.


Translate more and better using today’s computer assisted translation software of choice, SDL Trados Studio. Pantoglot is an Authorized Reseller and Approved Training Center serving Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Learn more about licenses and training:


Discover this user-friendly computer assisted translation tool that helps translators translate, edit and proofread more and better.


Get a special discount on SDL Trados Freelance only available to university students and recent graduates. 


Accredited university’s get special pricing to set up learning labs to prepare their translation students for today’s demanding high-tech translation industry.


Get corporate licensing to meet the needs of a single in-house translators up to those of a complete team or project managers, in-house translators and external vendors.