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The way your company communicates your ideas is unique; there is no other company that does it in the same way. What is it that makes it unique? It shows your style. 

The style that your communications reflect depend on various elements, such as the message you would like to transmit, words you use and even the method you choose to transmit it. When your company communicates with stakeholders, it is not only transmitting a message, but also projecting an image. Thus, the composition, spelling, terminology and structure of the text creates an impression in the readers of your corporate identity, and therefore, your values and principles. 

The means of mass communication, such press, radio and Internet, also create a style, a unique way or transmitting a message that allows the audience to have an idea of the identity of the organization distributing the information and to prefer it above all others. In order to define this particular way of communicating, the media, publishers, advertising and design agencies, among many other organizations, depend on style guides. 

What is a style guide? 

A style guide is a compendium of criteria—from professional and ethical to technical and typographic: — with the goal of defining some specific preferences and some Uniform guidelines in order to create a product that transmits a clear message and project a concrete identity. 

However, a style guide is not just limited to spelling rules, it goes far beyond that: it defines the preferred style according to the type of communication; which terms should be used and which not, in accordance with the work your company performs; the tone, the greetings and the headings that should be used when directed at stakeholders; the way figures are presented in financial statements; among many other elements that make up part of your corporate identity..  

Why is it helpful to have a corporate style guide? 

The style of your communications not only give the public an idea of the values and goal of your company; it also improves the perception that people have of your organization through professional composition and the fact that you respect the rules of language. 

If you want to communicate an idea, it is imperative that the message is worded well, has good spelling, uses punctuation correctly and employs adequate terms from the industry. 

If style guides are necessary to compose your messages and communications in Spanish, imagine how important they are when translating any text If you are interested in an international audience hearing your message, and with it your corporate identity, then it is important that you contract the services of a linguistic provider who manages style guides. 

At Pantoglot, we create and use style guides in order to guide our translation process, which allows us to define criteria to deliver a high-quality and coherent product, using the terms that you and your company use every day, which respect the linguistic standards of the source language and transmits the desired tone and the company’s personality 

Thanks to our translations supported by style guides, you will be able to: 

  • Communicate highly professional, clear and accurate messages using the standardized terms defined by the industry or used at your company 
  • Internationalize your business, projecting your corporate identity in a foreign language and attract the attention of people and organizations outside or your stakeholders, such as possible foreign investors 
  • Communicate uniform messages, which gives a good corporative impression 
  • Create a personalized tone directed at the audience and that refers them to their own company 
  • Facilitate it so readers from other countries understand the message that you want them to understand and learn about your business 
  • For your company, it is critical to establish a link to stakeholders. 

If you already have a translation service provider that uses style guides to translate your communications, you will have a great opportunity to present your message to the world in a professional and uniform way, make your corporate identity known in other countries and expand this link to many other people and organizations abroad.

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