Pantoglot joins WPML’s Translation Service Integration program. WPML is a WordPress multilingual CMS plugin by OnTheGoSystems.

Bogotá, April 15, 2020. Pantoglot is Colombia’s first language service provider to join WPML’s Translation Service Integration. Use the WPML plugin to ease the pain of WordPress website localization.

With WMPL the customer no longer has to copy and paste web content into Word documents for translation, extract site links, or download and upload html or xliff files to their website. In WPML’s Translation Dashboard, the customer simply selects and submits pages to be translated from the WordPress editor. Translated webpages are returned directly in the website, ready for publication, while maintaining design and page layout.

The integration improves our control over webpage translation services for our clients. The result, you receive high quality, high touch translations in a fraction of the time it would typically require.

If you use a WordPress template, with the WPML plugin, and want to receive a free sample translation to see how easy your website localization can be, contact one of our account managers. They can guide you through the process to receive a free translation of one pre-approved page from your website.

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