For the purposes of this document:

Pantoglot Ltda. will be hereinafter “the COMPANY”; anyone who enters, accesses or uses this website will be hereinafter “the USER.”

The COMPANY reserves the right to update and modify these conditions of use and the contents of this website, at any time and in any way, unilaterally and without previous notice; once the updates or modifications have been done, the COMPANY will announce them on the website’s homepage.

When the USER accesses or uses the COMPANY’S website, the USER agrees to comply with all applicable laws that are set forth in the Colombian Law, which is their total responsibility and the USER fully accepts the contents of the terms and conditions of the website that are listed herein:

  1. This website and its contents, including the text, graphics, logos, pictures and sounds, are the property of the COMPANY, as well as those that have been transferred by license. It is prohibited to totally or partially reproduce, translate, include, transmit or store the website. The USER can recover, exhibit, print, copy or download any material from this website exclusively for personal and not commercial use, only if the COMPANY’S ownership is acknowledged.
  2. The USER recognizes that it does not have any right of ownership when downloading any material with copyright of or through the website.
  3. The commercial brand, logos or service framework are the COMPANY’S and cannot be used with regard to the products and/or services that are not related, associated or sponsored by copyrighters and that could cause for confusion among clients, or some way disparage or discredit their copyrighters. All commercial brands that are not owned by the COMPANY and that appear on the website or through website services are property of their respective owners, such as those that appear on the “Clients and partners” page of the website.
  4. This website contains links to other websites on the Internet that have been provided for informational purposes. However, this does not imply that we are sharing the content of these websites, nor are they related or associated at all with the COMPANY and the owner of these links, nor does it indicate approval or promotion by the COMPANY of them; therefore, we do not assume any responsibility for their content.
  5. The USER of the site will not alter, block or carry out any other act that prevents displaying or accessing any content, information or services of the COMPANY’S website.
  6. The USER of the website will not engage in illegal conduct such as informational damage or attacks, interception of communications, copyright infractions, unauthorized use of terminals, encroachment of identity, disclosure of secrets or lying on documents.
  7. The use of this website can cause for a demand of compensation for damages or constitute a punishable offense by Colombian law.
  8. The USER recognizes that, in the case of doing this, it submits its personal data voluntarily and knows the Policy for handling personal data.

Any doubts or comments in regard to the conditions of this website or the handling of personal data can be directed to info@pantoglot.com, or call +57 (1) 248-9140/43 or +57 (310) 3064970.